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Older adults may be more sensitive to the side effects of this drugespecially rashvomitingdiarrheaand QT prolongationsee above

Use in pregnancy should be avoided except in patients with severe or potentially life-threatening fungal infections in whom fluconazole may be used if the anticipated benefit outweighs the possible risk to the fetus A few published case reports describe a rare pattern of distinct congenital anomalies in infants exposed in-utero to high dose maternal fluconazole400-800 mg/dayduring most or all of the first trimester Effective contraceptive measures should be considered in women of child-bearing potential who are being treated with 400-800 mg/day and should continue throughout the treatment period and for approximately 1 week5 to 6 half-livesafter the final dose Reported anomalies are similar to those seen in animal studies and consist of brachycephalyabnormal faciesabnormal calvarial developmentcleft palatefemoral bowingthin ribs and long bonesarthrogryposisand congenital heart disease.

You can find additional information about medications and potential risksas well as documented adverse event reports via the following:

Convenience and efficacy of single dose oral tablet of fluconazole regimen for the treatment of vaginal yeast infections should be weighed against acceptability of higher incidence of drug related adverse events with fluconazole26versus intravaginal agents16

The FDA has guidelines for many medications and pregnancybut the truth isthere is relatively little information available about how most medications interact with pregnancyHealthcare providers are responsible for ensuring the medications they prescribe are safe for youboth in the shortand long-termbased on what is known about the medication and risks.

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